Libertarianism FAQ

Lady Liberty answers your questions.

What is Libertarianism?

Libertarianism is the political principle of “non-initiation of force.” This principle states that no person or group (including Government) may initiate or threaten force or fraud against another person or group. Accordingly, Libertarianism means restricting government’s role to that of protecting man’s rights.

Aren’t you just another bunch of politicians attempting to force UTOPIA down our throats?

No! It should be noted here that the society that Libertarianz advocate will only come about through cultural change. This change presupposes an ethos where envy, self-sacrifice and mediocrity-worship have given way to the respect for reason, individual rights and the pursuit of excellence. But we are advocating a free society, not Utopia. Because people have free will, we cannot offer a guarantee for every contingency in life. All the evidence shows, for example, that health care in a free, rational society will be vastly superior to the current die-while-you-wait state health system. But, doctors will not be forced to treat those whom they do not wish to treat. The context of a more rational ethos should be kept in mind at all times.

Aren’t you just “New Right” ideologues?

Ideologues? Yes! We unashamedly believe in personal freedom. New Right? Hell no! New Right is crony capitalism writ large. Libertarianz advocate the complete separation of the state from the economy; New Right practise the collusion between the state and big business. Libertarianz would oppose the gassing of anybody because it’s a violation of rights; the New Right would oppose gassing because of the cost of the gas. The New Right’s political wing, ACT, believes in compulsion; Libertarianz argue that all adult interaction should be voluntary.

By emphasising freedom and minimal government, aren’t Libertarianz really advocating anarchy?

Anarchy is the absence of government and law. Government is necessary to protect individual rights, i.e. to protect people from physical force and fraud. Libertarianz would restrict government to the following functions; a police force, to protect citizens from force; defence forces (army, navy, airforce), to protect citizens from foreign invasion; and a justice system, to protect property and contracts from breach or fraud, and to settle disputes by upholding objective law.