Transport FAQ

Lady Liberty answers your questions.

What about the roads? Would they be privatised as well?

Definitely – but not immediately. Currently there is little fairness in the roading system. House owners who don’t own a car are forced to pay for roads through their rates. Libertarianz would abolish road-user charges, fuel tax, road funding from rates etc. and allow user-paid, privately-owned and operated roads. Billing could be achieved through electronic metering, charged according to the type of road and the time of day travelling took place. Congestion could be relieved by billing users less at off-peak times than at peak times.

But what about my privacy? I don’t want people knowing my movements by electronic monitoring!

If electronic monitoring is implemented, it is vital that the state has no involvement. If roads were privatised fully, then companies which owned the roads would be happy to have road-user contracts assuring privacy. We don’t object to Telecom knowing when & for how long & what number we called. That’s part of our voluntary deal with them. We would object – rightly – if they passed on such information against our will and/or without our knowledge. If such a breach of contract did occur, then the state would and should step in and prosecute the offending party.