Welfare FAQ

Lady Liberty answers your questions.

Why will Libertarianz abolish the welfare state?

Because it is based on coercion. We have no objection to people helping others, but they must not be forced to do so through taxation. Taxation, which is the theft of private property, is morally wrong. As each individual owns his life, so each individual has the right to the product of his efforts in order to sustain his life. The social welfare system, which is funded by taxation, will be abolished to make way for privately-run charity organisations.

But if we don’t force people to pay and charity doesn’t cover the gap, won’t we have some people dying on the streets?

In a tax-free society it will be in businesses’ best interest to expand, thereby creating more jobs and reducing unemployment. In the current highly-taxed environment there are severe restrictions on business expansion. Libertarianz would remove permit laws, occupational licensing laws, ACC levies, health & safety laws and labour laws (such as the minimum wage which increases unemployment). These are all disincentives for businesses to employ more people. The welfare state creates problems, not solutions. It encourages irresponsibility and dependency, instead of self-reliance. With the social welfare system abolished, the able but unwilling would have to get jobs, while those unable to work through no fault of their own could be cared for by voluntary charity, or state assets could be sold to buy them annuities.