Fire-breather to Incinerate Libz Census Forms

06 March 2006 15:35:00

Census Event

Libertarianz members in Wellington will be incinerating their census forms with the help of a fire-breather on census night, Tuesday 7th March.

Libertarianz leader, Bernard Darnton, announced the event today, saying that “the census is a blatant example of Government intrusion into people’s private lives and should not be tolerated.”

The fire-breather will be performing on the Sound Shell Lawn in the Wellington Botanic Gardens at 8.30pm on census night and everyone who opposes the compulsory collection of personal information is welcome. Libertarianz members in other parts of the country will also be barbecuing their census forms.

“The correct response,” Darnton says, “when Government agents come knocking on the door asking for personal information, is not to meekly comply with every request but to tell them to go to hell.”

“The idea that it’s essential for the Government to gather all of this information is a nonsense. Germany doesn’t have censuses and they seem to get on much better without them than they have in the past with them. All of this information gathering is simply nosy-parking to which the response should be a hearty ‘Bugger off’.”

Event details:

WELLINGTON: Fire-breather, Sound Shell Lawn, Botanical Gardens, 8.30pm. Contact Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton – [email protected] – 021 324 466.

NORTHLAND (Kerikeri): BBQ. Contact Libertarianz deputy leader Julian
Pistorius – [email protected] – 021 377 454.

CHRISTCHURCH: Contact Libertarianz ChCh Coordinator Barry Cole -
[email protected] – 021 220 2755.

Bernard Darnton
Libertarianz Leader
Phone: 021 324 466
Email: [email protected]

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