Fish & Game ‘arrogant, interfering and anti-kiwi’

12 June 2005 14:40:00


A state-run department is being called “arrogant, interfering and anti-kiwi,” by Libertarianz Hamilton East Candidate Robin Thomsen. “Fish and Game New Zealand is opposing the actions of farmers who are attempting to defend their rights to private property by running an ‘orange ribbon’ campaign.”

“Fish and Game is being used as a tool by the Labour Government to stomp on the property rights of ordinary New Zealanders,” says Robin, who anticipates leading a guided tour through Helen Clark’s back yard if the legislation is pushed through.

“The Clark Government’s contempt of farmers was first made obvious when they attempted to introduce the now infamous ‘fart tax’. Now they want to allow trespassers unlimited access to productive areas of private farmland. This is an absolute outrage, and a clear declaration that the further destruction of New Zealanders’ property rights are still part of the socialist agenda.”

Thomsen concludes by saying that Libertarianz would ensure secure property rights for all property owners, and the destruction instead of the Fish and Game department.

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