Fitzpatrick: Force Dunne Into Rehab

06 October 2011 18:56:48

“Smug, contemptible, irrational fear mongering” is how Libertarianz Deputy Leader and Ohariu candidate Sean Fitzpatrick described the October 4th press release by Associate Health Busy-Body, Peter Dunne.

“The United-Peter Party leader shows utter contempt for the rights of people over their own bodies in his decision to ban 3 more synthetic cannabis products.”

“Clearly his own drug of choice – power – is one heady brew he is in no hurry to go cold turkey from,” Fitzpatrick says.

In his release, Dunne snorts, “I have removed 43 products already; if I have to remove another 43, so be it.” You can almost hear him salivating at the prospect of getting his next fix.

Fitzpatrick suggests the time has come for the people of Ohariu to help Dunne shake off his addiction to power by voting him out of office, keeping in mind the Labour, Green and National Parties are no better, if not even worse.

“Libertarianz is the only party that is founded on the principle of self ownership. Your life and your body are your property to do with as you please. The only restriction is you do not infringe on the rights of others.”

“In this regard the addiction to power seen in politicians is the vilest scourge on civilized society and needs to be addressed urgently.” Fitzpatrick concludes.

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Libertarianz Deputy Leader
Ohariu Candidate
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