Fitzpatrick: Labour/National Economic Policy is Insulting

19 October 2011 19:03:27

“In the face of the most severe economic crisis since the end of World War II, New Zealanders are looking to political leaders for direction. However all we are being offered is the same old tired formula of divide and bribe,” Libertarianz Ohariu candidate and Deputy Leader Sean Fitzpatrick said today.

“Labour/National and their various cling-on parties are all addicted to the concept of central government sucking up as much money as possible and then trickling down on the rest of us. Libertarianz recognizes that economies are, in fact, organic and grow from the bottom up; through the actions of hard working Kiwis acting in their own rational self interest.”

Fitzpatrick adds, “New Zealanders have the boldness to get ahead in life, the wisdom to know it takes effort to do so and the maturity to respect those who succeed. By contrast our professional politicians seek to appeal to people’s worst instincts: laziness, greed and envy. They regularly behave like overgrown toddlers in Parliament and apparently assume the rest of us to be similarly infantile. Libertarianz says it is time to stop looking for answers from the political elite who see every crisis as merely an opportunity to increase their own power base.”

“We need to get unproductive politicians and bureaucrats out of the way of productive workers and businesses. In Parliament Libertarianz will support any legislative step, however small, towards reducing the tax and regulatory burdens on private enterprise.“

“Taxing Kiwis into a state of financial hardship and then drip feeding them back their own money in order to keep them dependant on the state is simple cruelty. At the very least, bribing us with our own damn money and then expecting us to be grateful for it is a massive insult. A vote for Libertarianz is the best way for New Zealanders to send the message they refuse treated with such contempt any longer,” Fitzpatrick concludes.

Libertarianz have released a video on the problems created by government bribery – available at

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