Freedom Fighters Flay Folate Fundamentalists

14 July 2009 12:02:00

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath today attacked the idea of legislation that would compel bakers to add folic acid to their bread, saying the whole idea is symptomatic of the previous government’s Nanny Statism which, he says, “the current government seems to endorse.”

“Despite the rhetoric of the 2008 election campaign, the National Party believes deep down that government should have a big role in controlling people’s lives,” said Dr McGrath.

“This stems from a lack of respect for individual freedom, from a conviction that the state should be empowered to make decisions for individuals in their best interest – from an attitude that New Zealanders are too stupid to manage their own affairs, and therefore that politicians should take on this responsibility.”

Dr McGrath said libertarian values place an emphasis on individual sovereignty, personal responsibility, self-esteem and dignity. “Instead of this, New Zealanders are being smothered and over-protected by politicians who appear to mean well, but whose heavy handedness is a threat to essential freedoms.”

“The last government’s micro-management of our daily lives – along with their blatant dishonesty – got them thrown out of office,” added Dr McGrath. “My party believes adult New Zealanders should be allowed to think for themselves, learn from their mistakes and generally be treated like adults and rather than children.”

“A Libertarianz government would let health providers educate their patients on matters such as the suggested intake of dietary folic acid, without interference from the state,” said Dr McGrath. “This attempt at mass medication could open the door to food manufacturers being forced to add potentially harmful drugs to their products.”

“If Annette King believes so strongly that pregnant women need more folate in their diet, let her finance an advertising campaign or subsidise folic acid tablets with her own money,” said Dr McGrath.“

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