Give Yourselves a Smack NZ, You Voted For It

15 March 2007 15:50:00

“Despite an overwhelming public outcry against Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking legislation, it seems the bill will pass nonetheless,” laments Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare. “This is a classic example of the current political mindset so rampant in the halls of Parliament. Apparently Sue Bradford and the rest of those who support this bill love your children more than you do. What is more, they think themselves more qualified to raise your children than you.”

“Well New Zealand, you have no-one to blame but yourselves. This appalling legislation is a direct outcome of a voting public who are happy to vote for whatever party is most happy to intrude on individual rights. Be mindful that while politicians further their own agendas, we pay for it with our freedom.”

“Libertarianz believes that parenting is best left to parents and Section 59 is best left alone – the law already precludes assault,” Mr Osborne concludes. “New Zealand needs a libertarian constitution to prevent the likes of Sue Bradford from interfering with our lives.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


For more information contact:

Peter Osborne
Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman
Phone 021 326 091
Email: [email protected]

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