Goff’s Suicide Note Attacked By Senior Labour MP

30 July 2011 09:00:54

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today backed crippled Labour MP Trevor Mallard’s recent comments about Phil Goff’s proposed capital gains tax.

“Mallard is right – it is in the Labour Party’s interest to avoid having to explain the details of this policy, the public don’t care for this policy and they find it boring.”

“The Libertarianz Party opposes any sort of capital gains tax as, like that on income, it is based on envy and greed and punishes those who dare to invest and produce,” he said. “The last thing New Zealand needs is to further discourage those who want to succeed.”

Dr McGrath said a capital gains tax would inevitably end up being applied to the family home, “despite what the politicians promise.”

“Mallard’s kneecapping of his own leader’s policy is a further indication that Phil Goff’s days as Labour leader are numbered. This capital gains tax policy is a desperate measure to outflank the National Party on the left of New Zealand politics. However, Goff’s likely successors will ensure that it will be his epitaph.”

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