Good On Ya, Steve

19 August 2008 21:00:00

Libertarianz spokesman Luke Howison today congratulated Steve Crow for his
triumph over the fascism of the Auckland City Council. “Well done Steve!
You have successfully taken on the closed-minded authoritarian bureaucrats
of the Auckland City Council – and won!”

“Only the most politically correct ‘liberals’ like Cathy
“not-in-my-backyard” Casey and the most repressed conservatives like Bob
“think-of-the-children” McCoskrie would want to shut down the Boobs on Bikes
parade. The brave men and women who want to take part in this event have a
fundamental right to do so. Of course some people may find it offensive, but
they are not being forced to attend, and they certainly don’t have to watch
the parade on television or read about it in the paper.”

“This is a freedom of speech issue,” Howison explains. “A free society is
incompatible with censorship – even the most offensive literature should be
free to be sold to New Zealand adults.”

“Libertarianz would defend to the death the right of people like Steve Crow
to present their ideas, no matter how controversial. The public of New
Zealand are not so morally weak that they need state protection from impure
thoughts, books or parades. Freedom of speech means the right to offend.”

Aucklanders attending Crow’s Erotica Expo should look for Libertarianz activists making the case for free speech.


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