Government + Teachers = Useful Idiots

06 June 2012 12:36:24



Government + Teachers = Useful Idiots

“If anything can be garnered from the staff cuts to schools episode it is that the left have achieved total occupation of the education sector. If Hekia Parata backs down any further, parents can kiss goodbye to any thoughts of retrieving their rightful say on the information that is fed into the minds of their children. A socialistic control of education will be complete and near impossible to break,” said Peter Osborne, a Libertarianz spokesman today.

“Putting aside the Libertarian stance that education and state must be separate; this is not achievable in the short term. What is at stake here is a total left wing philosophy in control of our children’s minds. The implications of which cannot be understated”

Mr Osborne explains, “New Zealanders need to focus on future states of mind. A classic tool of the left is to impress notions of cynical guilt and fear into the minds of whoever they can latch onto. This is not hard to achieve when they have the attention of our children for 6 hours a day. Loaded with such an outlook it is easy to have us sacrifice our freedom for perceived safety and security as we do today. Fulfilling a curriculum is an easy achievement, especially when our ability to objectively measure our teacher’s effectiveness has been engineered to the incomprehendable. But this is not of primary importance to the education industry. Instead it provides protection for the incompetent.”

“Our situation is not helped by a mono-directional press who treat the teachers indignation as a given that we should all accept. Ignoring the evidence that teachers fear a reduction in their overwhelming control of the education sector, as parents we currently have no control other than to choose which conditioning centre we may send our children.

Mr Osborne concludes, “When those standing before our children are of a controlling nature the results are not hard to imagine. Such people can only become entrenched under a government system. Compare the array of choice and diversity that the private sector provides in every area of life and then ask why government is fit to control the education sector. Libertarianz would separate State and school entirely. Only then will parents regain their essential control and witness the diversity of choice open to them that only a free market can provide.