Government Tightens Grip on Electricity Commission

15 September 2006 12:00:00

The news that David Parker has sacked Electricity Commission chairman Roy Hemingway doesn’t surprise Libertarianz Electricity Spokesman Greg Balle. “Labour and Mr. Parker did not like the message being delivered by Hemingway and felt the need to reign in the Commission to achieve their own political ends.”

“After foisting extra taxation and costs onto electricity consumers to set-up the much vaunted ‘independent’ Electricity Commission, Labour has turned around and made it just yet another arm of the state electricity three ring circus,” Dr Balle fumed. “The interim chairman has been named as a Mr. Harris, a former trade union economist and political advisor to Michael Cullen. With all the smoke and noise inside the shaky Labour tent it is hard to see who is the ringmaster and who are the clowns.”

“While the Labour empire-builders go about increasing taxation to fund state waste on expensive ‘commissions’ and pet project jobs for the boys, electricity costs and prices are destined to rise,” Balle said, indicating the latest notice from his power company about a price hike. “Libertarianz would deregulate the energy markets with complete removal of state interference. We need to unleash the boundless energy in the minds of enterprising New Zealanders, currently wrapped up in red tape and woolly socialist thinking.”


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