Green Party Abandons Environment

07 June 2005 10:07:00


“The Green Party has abandoned environmental protectionism in favour of social engineering, and has abandoned drug reform in favor of bribing students with a free education. These are the issues they’ve chosen to promote at this election – gone is their stated concern for a healthy planet, and exposed now is the socialist underbelly of the green machine,” says Libertarianz Hamilton East candidate Robin Thomsen.

“The Greens have filled the vacuum for leftist supporters caused by the collapse of the Alliance and the PC parties,” says Thomsen, “taking the Green Party away from its stated principles and down the authoritarian road mapped out by the Alliance and the PCs, and in turn has begun to disregard the environment.”

Thomsen notes that the environment scored barely a mention at the weekend’s Green conference. Instead, “Rod Donald verbally chastised Winston Peters, Jeanette Fitzsimons focused mostly on perceived (by her) race and gender ‘imbalances,’ and former drug reformer Nandor Tanczos eschewed cannabis altogether and concentrated instead on his unsustainable $2 billion bribe to students.”

“Effectively,” says Thomsen, “Tanczos has converted from a promoter of personal choice to an advocate of mass confiscation, and the Greens have gone from ‘small is beautiful’ enthusiasts to promoters of interfering, big government. Environmentalists must be feeling extremely betrayed.”

“The good news for environmentalists however is that there is light at the end of the tunnel,” concludes Mr. Thomsen, himself an environmentalist with particular concern for the waterways. “Libertarianz acknowledge that the tried and tested and successful formula for protecting the environment lies with private property rights and common law, rather than irrelevant political promises and the promotion of big government and self-anointed elites. Libertarianz has a message for those truly concerned with the state of the environment: Put your vote with us, and have a real hand in preserving property rights and the future health of the planet.”

“It’s Enough to Make You Vote Libertarianz!”

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