Greens in Bed with Foreign Multi-Nationals

17 June 2008 23:50:00

“It’s appropriate that the cartoon symbol for a good idea is a light bulb,” says Libertarianz Energy spokesman Peter Cresswell, “since the banning of incandescent light bulbs offers the visual symbol of a good idea crossed out – in other words, of a very bad idea.”

“The greatest beneficiary of the Green Party’s scheme to ban traditional light bulbs is not the average citizen, it’s not the national grid — and it’s not the landfills that will have to learn new techniques to deal with several thousand tonnes of toxic mercury the Greens are ready to unleash upon the environment. The greatest beneficiary,” says Cresswell, “will be the giant multinationals such as Philips to whom the government and their Green cohorts have just handed a coercive monopoly on a plate.”

“New, energy-efficient bulbs sell for six times the price of traditional ones,’ notes Cresswell. “To this can be added the price of new fittings, running into scores of millions of dollars, for all those places that the ‘new twisties’ won’t fit — such as the many homes in which recessed downlights are installed. Further problems with the new bulbs include rapid deterioration in light output, not working with dimmer switches, risks of mercury poisoning and general ugliness.”

“Even disregarding all these problems (if disregarding problems so serious were possible) the we-know-best attitude from the Green and Labour parties mean consumers have, once again, less choice. Neither party seems to understand the simple truism of liberty: if it’s a good idea, you don’t need to force anyone to follow it.”

Libertarianz says that despite the love of bans by the nannying Labour-Green twins, prohibition policies have never worked and optimistic New Zealanders are bright enough to make the choices that best suit their lifestyle.

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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