Greens Miffed at Missed Opportunity

09 June 2010 21:42:00

“It is fortunate indeed that the Greens have been shut out of the ‘Welfare Working Group Forum’ if any headway is to be made in ridding New Zealand of the cancer that is institutionalised welfarism,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman, today.

“It is difficult to ascertain the motive behind the Green Party’s welfare policy,” he says. “Putting the ‘green’ disguise aside, their love of big government and state control would certainly be served well by a disproportionately incapacitated and dependent population. Or it may be that the Greens suffer from a lack of depth and fail to realise that institutionalised welfarism will always reduce human existence to the inhuman.”

“It is a sad situation indeed when a political movement that wishes to control and distort every aspect of our lives is held with enough respect to make it into the halls of power, especially when history has shown us over and again that such a philosophy is a precursor to misery, injustice and cruelty on a massive scale. The fact that such ideas make it past our radar so easily is testament to the mental conditioning of state education.”

“Libertarianz understands that in order for people to live dignified, meaningful lives it is imperative that our daily existence is as undistorted and uncoerced by government as possible. Otherwise, how can anyone claim to be truly living? The only area that government need concern itself with is to defend against force and fraud.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “The question of welfarism has surely been answered by the unintended consequences we see today, with such high levels of poverty, crime, drug abuse, truancy, suicide and individual self loathing in a supposedly civilised nation as ours.”

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