Greens Running True to Form

15 February 2012 12:32:06


Snouts in the trough

Greens Running True to Form

“Mojo Mathers’ crusade to have the taxpayer pay up to $30,000 for her to better participate in parliamentary debates is consistent with Green policy across the board,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman, today.

He says, “Once again the Greens use their weapon of unearned entitlement to suck on the State tit. Constantly on the search to help themselves to other people’s money, they are at least consistent.”

“Perhaps Ms Mathers should contemplate the fact that it was her choice to enter politics. Understanding the disadvantage she has by her deafness, surely she must have understood that there would be added tools that she will require in her chosen occupation. Or had she always just thought that the taxpayer would once again foot the bill.”

Osborne continues, “And then the Greens co-leader, Russell Norman comes on TV saying that all the charity organisations are tired of having to appeal for voluntary donation to gain funding and that it would be better to receive funding. Typical Norman stuff, once again he undoes himself. Mr Norman wants us all to give and be charitable at the point of his gun. More Green thuggery under the guise of compassion.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz would let those who wish to help and support people such as Ms Mathers put their money where their mouths are and do so. We would make it illegal to allow troughing such as this proposal as it is nothing short of theft. If your government conducts itself with theft and thuggery as its tool of sustenance then it is hardly any wonder that the same trends will become prevalent in society.”