Guns: Better Than Golf Clubs

14 June 2008 15:50:00

“Rotorua liquor store worker Harbihajan Singh had to fight off two
robbers with a golf club, and says that he should have been allowed a
gun. We agree,” says Libertarianz spokesman Peter Cresswell. “The
use of firearms in self-defence would go a long way to deterring
violent crime in New Zealand and would also reduce the number of
violent criminals in our society.”

“Using force to protect one’s life or that of another person is legal
under the 1961 Crimes Act,” Cresswell explains. “This is the same law
that the police operate under, and it should apply to ALL New
Zealanders. Police should enthusiastically support this law to
maintain public support. After all, the life of a police officer has
the same value as the life of any other New Zealander.”

“Currently the police are hell-bent on alienating the public by
maintaining a policy of prosecuting decent New Zealanders who use
firearms for the purpose of self-defence. Clearly, police policy
contradicts the law on this matter,” Cresswell says. “We do agree
with police that if members of the public choose to defend themselves
with a weapon, it will make a dangerous situation worse – worse for
the criminal, that is. This would be beneficial to society as a

“While the Libertarianz do not advocate the use of high powered rifles
in built up areas, there are firearms that are suitable for close
quarter defence such as a shotgun or pistol. Also, we should remember
that weapons suitable for self-defence are not limited to firearms,”
Cresswell concludes. “Pepper spray and tasers should also be legal
for New Zealanders to use if they choose to defend themselves.”


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