Hang on PSA, Help Is On The Way!

23 May 2003 08:30:13

Public Service

‘Government departments forcing employees to work excessive hours is unnecessary and unacceptable, ‘ whines the Public Servant’s Association national secretary, Richard Wagstaff. Libertarianz Spokesman Russell Watkins agrees with him: “Public servants need to do much less and for far fewer hours,” he says. “In fact, that has long been our party policy.”

Watkins suggests that at least 95% of all government employees should have plenty of time off, “and most productive New Zealanders would only notice the difference by feeling that great grey load of mediocrity lifted off their backs.”

Thinking back to Nigel Hawthorne’s masterful portrayal of the type, Watkins says if these ‘PSA Humphreys’ consider their work loads unbearable, they should try the work loads the rest of us bear – half of our year’s income from the 1st of January to the end of June gets extracted from us, a large proportion of which is wasted on scum like Wagstaff.”

“These whining State employees should sort their lives out,” concludes Watkins. “They should do themselves and us genuine beasts of burden a real favour: They should quit, and then we’ll all be less stressed.”

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