He Won, You Lost, Eat That!

30 April 2009 19:50:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath welcomed yesterday’s departure of Michael Cullen from Parliament, but said his legacy will haunt generations of New Zealanders who will have to foot the bill for Labour’s massive spend-up over the last nine years.

“Michael Cullen’s gloating put-down of those in the private sector shortly after coming to power, and his cultivation of the politics of envy during his party’s three terms in government, will not be missed,” said Dr McGrath. “His formidable reputation in the debating chamber was largely based on his personal unpleasantness and aggression, fanned by vendettas against the farming community in particular and private enterprise in general –- baggage which he carried from his school days.”

“Helen Clark’s pit bull, who has never spent substantial time in any sort of private job, now walks into a directorship at NZ Post. I challenge him to find a real job in the open market, instead of the sheltered employment he has organized for himself.”

Dr McGrath said that if the National Government is to avoid repeating the economic mismanagement of the Cullen years, it should adopt a hand-off attitude and let corrections occur in the market with minimal government interference.

“Bill English seems to be carrying on where Michael Cullen left off,” he added. “Time will show that there is no magic formula for ‘running an economy’ from the top down. There are no economic wizards, only Keynesian witch-doctors.”

A Libertarianz-led government would abolish the cabinet post of Finance Minister, as it believes state intervention in the economy tends to both cause and prolong recessions, and distort markets unfavourably.

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