Health Promises Highlight Ryall’s Contempt For Doctors

02 November 2011 13:10:58

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath described Health Minister Tony Ryall’s election promise to make doctors provide around-the-clock medical care for all children under six - regardless of the urgency of the perceived problem and free of any surcharge - as bullying and hypocritical.

Dr McGrath, a provincial GP in one of the country’s largest medical practices, said this promise was made without consulting those who would have to provide the service: GPs and their staff.

“This is a blatant election bribe, that treats doctors as chattel and as workhorses who can be ordered to provide services day and night for no charge at the whim of the Minister,” he said.

“This is the same Tony Ryall who described the Clark regime’s management style as command-and-control. The reality is that the National Party government is no better than the one it replaced. It has equal contempt for general practitioners and their staff.”

“The Libertarianz Party would excise the State from the provision of health care services by abolishing subsidies, reducing taxes, and opening up orthodox practitioners to competition. We would allow more affordable options for people on limited budgets. And we would enforce the ban on human slavery, which Mr Ryall has conveniently sidestepped with extravagant election promises that would impose further obligations on already-overworked GPs.”

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