Health Rationing Delays Brain Tumour Diagnosis

12 May 2010 09:42:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath says rationing access to state-funded MRI scan procedures is dangerous, and consideration by health minister Tony Ryall to allow GPs to request MRI scans directly is a sensible move, following the late diagnosis of a Blenheim woman’s brain tumour following bureaucratic delays.

“The other necessary step is to remove state funding for these scans, so that ACC, medical insurers, charities, friendly societies, iwi groups and patients themselves fund their cost, rather than the taxpayer,” he said.

“I endorse the former HDC’s criticism of the DHB system which he rightly described as a postcode lottery, just like the NHS in Britain.”

“There is no reason why the DHB and PHO empires – whose function is to shield politicians from accountability for the poor levels of care provided by the state system – cannot be deregulated and opened up to competition and consumer choice.”

“The Libertarianz Party believes decisions about health care should be delegated back to individuals to make for themselves, their families and their dependent relatives. We believe responsibility for funding health care could be devolved by way of tax cuts and a freed up market.”

Dr McGrath added that his party supports a review of the monopoly position held by the HDC, and says penalties imposed on health professionals should be calculated objectively under common law.

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