Health Taxes Not The Same As Health Insurance

26 April 2006 15:26:00


Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath today reminded New Zealanders that the money stolen from them by Inland Revenue to be later earmarked for health expenditure is not a form of health insurance for each taxpayer.

“It’s not insurance,” says Dr McGrath,”when the looted wealth is redistributed, in typical Marxist fashion, from those who work the hardest and earn the most – and therefore according to the Marxist and the envious need to be ‘punished’ – to those whose need is considered greatest by politicians and bureaucrats, regardless of the background of that need.

“Most working people at present are probably more likely to be looking after themselves through private insurance and the like, and at the same time are being forced to take responsibility for the healthcare of strangers. It is highlyly that any of the money they themselves pay in taxes will ever pay for any non-urgent care they may wish to receive. And yet they are made to pay through the nose to prop up a crumbling system of public hospitals.

“Many people receiving subsidized healthcare are ill because of self-inflicted damage from high risk lifestyles along with reckless financial mismanagement, safe in the knowledge that Helen Clark and her ilk will make other innocent people foot the bill. This just sucks,” says McGrath.

“The Libertarianz Party believes people need to be given the freedom to make provision for their health costs in the private sector — where they won’t get thrown off waiting lists — by having their own money back; money that is currently taken off them by IRD hoodlums. At the same time, the needy should not expect the government to hold a gun to the heads of workers so that they can receive ‘charity’ obtained by force. When financial assistance is required they should instead rely on the benevolence and goodwill of others, particularly that of their own family members, .”

For further inofrmation please contact:
Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
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