24 November 2005 07:55:00


Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Richard McGrath responded to the Smokefree Coalition’s call for sanctions against universities accepting research funding from the tobacco industry by suggesting a moratorium on all government funding of research.

“History has shown that the health problems that arise when people choose to enjoy tobacco pale into insignificance when compared with the number of people murdered by governments,” said Dr McGrath.

“Well over 170 million people were killed by governments over the last century – a phenomenon known as democide – and that figure excludes wartime casualties. I’m sure that beats hands down the number of deaths from smoking related illness over the same period.”

“More than three quarters of these people murdered by the state lived in socialist countries – collectivist societies where individual ambition and achievement were discouraged in the name of the so-called common good.”

“State funding of research is just another form of welfare,” said Dr McGrath. “Libertarianz believes university research, along with the universities themselves, should be privately funded.”

Libertarianz wants warning labels placed on ballot papers during local and national elections, pointing out the risk to life and property when the state exceeds its proper function of upholding and defending individual rights.

Richard G McGrath
MB ChB DipObst PGCertTravMed
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