Helen Clark: Lickspittle To Saudi Sadists

28 November 2007 16:50:00



Human Rights


Helen Clark: Lickspittle To Saudi Sadists

Libertarianz Deputy Leader Richard McGrath said today that his party was shocked and disgusted at Helen Clark’s open admiration for the backward Saudi justice system that has condemned a female rape victim to flogging and imprisonment.

“Helen Clark’s government recently made disciplining one’s children an offence, yet she herself is merely ‘dismayed’ at the stone age sentencing of an innocent woman to a flogging that could kill her. To rub salt in the wound, our prime minister also says she fully respects the system that spawns and nurtures fundamentalist savages such as the presiding judge.

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party “also condemns the New Zealand feminist movement, who have been noticeably silent about Helen Clark’s tacit approval of this woman’s inhumane treatment by the Saudi state.”


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