Helen Hughes Invites Disaffected Whangarei Voters to Meeting

15 November 2011 12:16:45

“Fed up? Can’t see the point in voting?” asked Helen Hughes, activist, sculptress, grandmother and Libertarianz candidate for Whangarei.

As part of her election campaign, Hughes has arranged a meeting for the growing number of voters who feel let down by their elected representatives.

5.30pm Thursday 17 November
Northland Craft Trust pottery room
21 Selwyn Avenue, Whangarei

“I am the only candidate in Whangarei who is standing up for your rights. Libertarianz is the only party in New Zealand consistently advocating freedom and individual rights.” said Hughes.

For more information, see www.libertarianz.org.nz or contact:

Helen Hughes
Whangarei Candidate
Phone: 021 15 222 44
Email: [email protected]

Libertarianz: More Freedom, Less Government