Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes
Whangarei Candidate

I was born in Te Aroha in 1946. I moved to Northland 13 years ago to live my dream of being an independent working artist. I purchased 100 acres and enjoyed the freedom and isolation that “going bush” allowed me. I am a mother, grandmother, teacher, gardener, writer, sculptor and philosopher. I am also the Libertarianz Candidate for Whangarei.

Why do I represent a political party when I dislike politics and politicians with a passion?

The Libertarianz Party is the only opposition to this monstrous ever growing Nanny State system that is eroding the basic freedoms I enjoy. The Libertarianz Party is the only party representing the rights of the individual against the State. The Libertarianz Party is the only political party committed to reducing government to its proper role and function.

So, why am I standing as a Libertarianz candidate? It is very simple. I am fighting for my life.

Vote Libertarianz! More freedom, less government.

Helen Hughes
Phone: (09) 434 0595
Email: [email protected]