Herceptin Decision Irrelevant

10 December 2008 08:50:00

Libertarianz Health Spokesman Richard McGrath said today the decision by the government to force taxpayers to subsidise a year of Herceptin treatment for some women with breast cancer merely reinforces the fact that New Zealanders still have little say in decisions concerning their own health care.

“The underlying message from John Key and Tony Ryall is that the government has the right to decide how your ‘health dollar’ is spent,” said the Masterton GP. “As far as the politicians are concerned, New Zealanders are too dumb or irresponsible to make provision for their future health needs.”

“I suppose we are now expected to be pathetically grateful to Mr Ryall for increasing the subsidy on Herceptin treatment,” added Dr McGrath. “However, the funding required to pay for this new expenditure is money that we the taxpayer have been unable to use to arrange health insurance, or to use in other ways for our own benefit.”

“What Mr Ryall forgets is that it’s our money in the first place – not his. What New Zealanders should never forget is that what a politician gives you today, he can just as easily take back tomorrow.”

“A woman with breast cancer should be allowed to fund her own treatment with her own money,” said Dr McGrath. “Libertarianz believes income tax should be slashed and eventually abolished so that people could arrange insurance and other protection for themselves and their families, and thereby pay their own way when they need to access health services.”

“The Clark government was recently rejected by the electorate because of its arrogant Nanny State tendencies,” McGrath added. “I am disappointed that Mr Ryall’s administration seems intent on following in Helen’s footsteps.”

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