Hospitals Not To Blame For Waiting Lists

12 April 2006 14:23:00

Health Deregulation

Libertarianz health spokesman Richard McGrath sympathises with public hospitals who are having to shove people off surgical and other waiting lists.

“The increasingly stressed staff in these hospitals are being asked to cope with an almost limitless demand on their services,” said Dr McGrath. “At the root of their problems is the public health model promoted by economic ignoramus Michael Cullen and his fellow travelers, under which those who don ‘t want to pay for health care – a luxury item – can dump the costs onto productive working people.

“This model does not reward those who plan ahead by either putting money aside or by purchasing insurance. It also relies on taxpayers allowing themselves to be bled dry to finance provision of health care for other people.

“Underpinning this model is an ideology that says it is all right to sacrifice the aspirations and dreams of one group of people by confiscating their justly earned property and handing it over to another group – who funnily enough might just vote for more of these handouts at the next election.

“Libertarianz believes the pursuit of happiness and wealth is not a crime and should not be punished by the IRD, whose army is now alleged to be bigger than our own depleted military version. We believe that taxation is theft and that people have a right to defend themselves against the violence of thieves by any appropriate means.

“My party suggests that anyone who finds themselves thrown off a hospital waiting list writes to the health minister and their nearest MP, asks for a refund on that part of their tax allocated to the health budget, and then seeks decent help for their health problems in the private sector.”

Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
[email protected]
0273 222 907

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