Hospitals should charge for X-rays

26 October 2005 12:27:00

Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Dr Richard McGrath applauded the Canterbury District Health Board for introducing optional user charges for patients wanting X-rays in their public hospitals.

“I can’t understand the complaints from Democrats for Social Credit, who seem to think everyone should have to wait weeks or months on a waiting list for medical attention,” he said.

“By allowing people who can pay the option of fast-tracking their care, this frees up places in the queue for those wanting the taxpayer to cover the cost of their radiology services.

“It encourages people to take responsibility for their health care, which Libertarianz strongly supports.

“Libertarianz advocates privatization of the health market along with tax cuts,” added Dr McGrath. “We want the government’s role restricted to protecting people’s lives and property and defending the country from invasion. It has no business providing luxury items, such as hi-tech health care, with other people’s money.”

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