Illegal BZP not needed

27 January 2006 13:17:00


“We don’t need another illegal recreational drug,” says Libertarianz Spokesman on Drugs Dr. Richard Goode in response to recent calls to ban BZP, a mild stimulant drug found in most legal party pills.

“In fact,” says Goode, “we need more legal ones. For starters, let’s legalise methylphenidate (Ritalin). That’s a mild stimulant drug which the medical profession deems safe enough to prescribe to our children, so why not legalise it for adult recreational use?”

“The escalating War on Drugs(TM) is immoral, ineffective and increasingly expensive,” charges Goode. “Our prisons are now overflowing with clandestine laboratory technicians while, out on the street, there is a glut of ‘pure evil’ as Jim Anderton once described methamphetamine or P. Recent research from Massey University indicates that P is now cheaper and easier to get than ever before.”

“Matt Bowden, spokesman for the Social Tonics Association (STANZ), claims that the present easy availability of P is due to a drop in demand as recreational drug users switch from the more dangerous and illegal methamphetamine to the relatively safe and legal BZP. If he is right, then the government’s Department of Social Engineering owes him a huge debt of gratitude for successfully doing their work for them. What better example of New Zealand’s national drug policy of ‘harm minimisation’ in action is there than weaning recreational drug users off a more dangerous drug onto a safer one?”

“When will interfering politicians, such as Labour’s Clayton Cosgrove and National’s Jacqui Dean get the message? How other adults choose to spend their leisure time is none of their business. Their attempts to deny adults access to safe, effective intoxicants are objectionable and grotesque. And when will these ignorant puritans learn the lessons of history? – prohibition doesn’t stop drug use, it just creates a lucrative black market.”

“Cosgrove and Dean are clearly aware that no election was ever lost by pandering to the fear and bigotry of middle New Zealand. For the sake of their constituents, they should also note,” concludes Goode, “that no drug was ever made safer by putting criminal gangs in charge of marketing and distribution.”

Dr. Richard Goode
Libertarianz Spokesman for Deregulation of Drugs
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