Is Goff Chasing Tax-Avoiding Labour MPs?

31 January 2011 09:49:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath challenged Phil Goff to state for the record that none of his MPs attempt to reduce their taxable income, in the wake of Goff’s call for establishment of an Anti-Avoidance Tax Taskforce.

“Can he confirm to the country that his MPs pay the maximum tax possible?” he asked.

“If not, shouldn’t he be getting his own house in order first?”

Dr McGrath said the current system of progressive taxation is a disincentive for New Zealanders to work harder and increase their personal wealth.

He said the Libertarianz Party has long proposed a $50,000 tax-free income band as a first step toward eliminating taxes altogether.

“Eventually, we would like to see taxation criminalised as just another protection racket,” he added. “If government spending could be reined in, there would be no need to raise money in this way.”

He said Phil Goff’s suggestion of a tax-free $5,000 income band funded by hiking taxes on high earners was tantamount to stealing from one group of New Zealanders to bribe another.

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