It’s Illiteracy, but not as everyone knows it

11 September 2003 01:56:34

Maori Affairs Libertarianz spokesman, Stephen Berry, has condemned the report of Associate Maori Affairs Minister, Tariana Turia, on Maori Illiteracy, ‘Te Kawai Ora: ‘Reading the word, reading the world, being the world’. “It is a subjective fairyland,”says Berry, “more closely resembling economy class toilet paper than any insight into illiteracy.”

The report states, “Literacy is a much wider issue than being able to turn squiggles on a page into words that have meaning”. Another section of the report states, “For Tangata Whenua, literacy means bi-literacy – being able to function in both iwi and Pakeha worlds. Otherwise the world views of Tangata Whenua are doomed to wither away, and our people are doomed to live in someone else’s reality.”

Stephen Berry pauses to allow for laughter, before countering, “Objectively, literacy is the simple concept of being able to read, write and comprehend. Literacy is not the subjective cultural saturation being pushed by racial advocates. No evidence has been produced to demonstrate any cohesive view being held by the racial collective that is ‘Tangata Whenua’.”

“Turia has a history of distorting reality to suit her pro-apartheid ideals,” notes Berry. “No change there then!” he concludes.


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