It’s Time To Retire The Treaty

05 February 2009 10:50:00

Libertarianz spokesman Tim Wikiriwhi has outlined his party’s stand on race-based laws and institutions in New Zealand: “Like slavery and cannibalism, they must be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

Speaking before he prepares to attend events at Waitangi tomorrow, Mr Wikiriwhi contrasted New Zealand’s system of widespread racial favouritism with the United States’ colour-blind constitutional republicanism that recently saw Barack Obama elected as that country’s first non-white president.

He also launched a broadside at the Maori Party, claiming they intend to further entrench racism into our political system by working to expand the Maori electoral roll, and through that the number of race-based seats in Parliament.

Mr Wikiriwhi said the Libertarianz Party wants to retire the Treaty of Waitangi, replacing it with a constitution that guarantees equality before the law for all New Zealanders.

“This will benefit Maori just as much as non-Maori,” he said. “The only people who fear such a change are the radical Maori leaders who use their fellow Maori as pawns, and extort money and favours from the rest of us via the parliamentary process.”

Describing the political setup in New Zealand as a “separatist system of apartheid”, Mr Wikiriwhi said Kiwis “should grasp the need for government by legal principle, not by divisive racial policy.”

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