Jedi High Council Statement Challenged

10 February 2011 11:34:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath suggested a press statement from an entity known as Master Yoda – who claimed to represent the ‘Jedi High Council’ – was a hoax, after receiving a private communication from the Jedi Church.

“The Libertarianz Party and the Jedi Church are now in discussion, and will be releasing a joint statement outlining common concerns regarding freedom of speech, freedom of religious choice and the need for government to respect the personal beliefs of New Zealanders,” he said.

Dr McGrath said both the Libertarianz Party and the Jedi Church have serious concerns about the upcoming five-yearly census, and his party is planning a repeat of the organized civil disobedience – including the burning of census papers – that followed previous attempts by the government to forcibly gather information about people’s private activities.

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Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Leader
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