Junk Science & Bigotry Over Cannabis

31 January 2004 02:04:43


Following the apparent “cannabis poisoning” of a 36-year-old Welsh man, otherwise-forgotten Progressive MP Matt Robson has reiterated his party’s opposition to cannabis law reform, . Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry says, “Robson is willing to use any half-baked story he can to maintain his bigoted beliefs. In the entire course of human history, there has never been one single death that could be attributed to cannabis alone.”

According to the coroner’s report, the deceased had smoked six cannabis joints a day for the last eleven years before dying of “cannabis poisoning.” Berry says, “If nobody has died from cannabis poisoning in the course of human history, I doubt someone has now.  The death would have been caused by poisons in the cannabis smoke and the blood stream would obviously have contained evidence of heavy cannabis use.”

‘The Progressive Party,’ says Robson, ‘opposes decriminalising cannabis until or unless it is proven safe.’ Stephen Berry refutes this absolutely. “If we follow Robson’s logic, we should lock people up ‘for their own good.’ Alcohol and tobacco would have to be banned. Caffeine and failing-to-eat would have to be banned. People who consumed food products to which they are allergic would have to be jailed for their own good!”

“Libertarianz has a far superior alternative to the poison Matt Robson emits,” says Berry. “Accept the fact that adults are the sole owners of their own lives. Accept that interfering bigoted politicians have no right to jail them – even if they are doing harm to themselves. Accept, basically, that politicians should butt out of people’s lives!”

“Finally, Robson needs to accept the blatant stupidity to which his prejudices are making him stoop: That is, advocating the continued ban of a substance which has never caused a person to die, while those that use it are jailed for their own ‘protection’.”


Stephen Berry
Libertarianz Deputy
[email protected]