Killing Bureaucracy so Schools can Flourish

13 September 2005 09:42:00


“Despite the ever increasing funding that goes into our state schooling system, it is little wonder that schools are only fed the crumbs while the bureaucracy that controls them thrives.” This was from Peter Osborne today releasing the Libertarianz Education policy, following a report from the Council for Educational Research, showing that costs within the state education sector are spiralling and that more parents are reneging on the donation fee.

He says, “The question must be asked why schools have to put so much of their efforts into additional fund raising beyond the state allocation when taxpayer funding of state education is as massive as it is? Let’s be honest about things and get the state away from schools altogether. Our policy does precisely that.”

“It is astounding that still people are unable to see the continuing parallel between an ever increasing financial burden to the tax victim and the ever decreasing educational standards that will always dog state controlled education. There can be no other outcome. This anomaly will only continue until the inevitable happens; the total collapse of state education.”

Mr Osborne continues, “People only need to see the motive behind the situation to understand that we have all been conned. While the bureaucracy grows in line with funding and schools increasingly struggle to make ends meet. While kids are leaving school with little desire or ability to achieve anything, we know that the government has achieved what it set out to do. That is to increase the level of dependency on the state and to ensure that the majority are compliant to the state’s requirements.”

In conclusion he says, “Freedom is our natural state and freedom is what we must always aspire to. Libertarianz are the only political party that understands that to achieve freedom we must have free minds. This will never happen while we are manipulated and coerced into dependency by government. Libertarianz will separate education from the clutches of the state entirely, as we understand that the dawning of a truly free society requires that free minds are the crucial prerequisite.

New Zealanders do have a choice this election. Nineteen other political parties, who will keep them bonded to Nanny in one way or another. Or Libertarianz, who will recognose everyone’s freedom to truly live.

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