Labour Celebrates While Young Kiwis Suffer

01 September 2005 10:50:00

Youth Affairs

“A press release titled ‘Labour celebrates young Kiwis’ issued by Helen Clark and Youth Affairs Minister, Steve Maharey, is blatant, one sided, propaganda, as it fails to point out the litany of disasters that have befallen young kiwis as a direct result of Labour policy and that of previous governments.” This was from Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education today.

“Issues that Clark and Maharey conveniently failed to point out are, high levels of substance abuse, truancy levels, violent crime, homelessness, gangs, suicide, mental disorders and depression, etc., amongst New Zealand’s young. These are all problems on the increase and they are no longer problems that affect only the poor.”

Osborne says, “These issues are an unavoidable result of the welfare state and state education. When all incentives to encourage independence and to bring people’s latent abilities to the fore are removed, there can be no other outcome. Large scale welfare dependency through only two or three generations, coupled with the control tool that is state education, has made conditions fertile for the problems we are seeing today. Labour’s insistence on meddling further into all of our lives, in recent years, has only accelerated this problem.”

“It is also very telling that Clark and Maharey should omit any reference to such problems from their press release as it shows that their need for re-election is foremost in their minds. The very real damage that their policies have had on our young generation is to be swept aside for now.”

Mr Osborne continues, “This disaster is of their making and that of previous governments but neither will they acknowledge their role in this nor will they remove their policies. Their desire to control far outweighs their desire to eradicate this inconvenience.”

He concludes, “Libertarianz understands that for people to live happy productive lives they must be granted the freedom to do so. Self worth and independence will never surface in any individual while tax funded welfare exists to remove the experiences that encourage such qualities. Libertarianz will remove the spiritual cancer that is the welfare state. We will also separate state and education entirely. Recent governments have had too much of a vested interest in moulding our minds to suit their ends. Sure, it has given them the control they so keenly desire but people must look around them to understand that society is in a state of decline. We don’t profess to fix your lives for you, that is up to you but we will remove all of the hurdles that have for too long hindered everyone’s ability to follow their dreams.”

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