Labour Confused Over Doing the Right Thing

05 February 2007 01:25:00

“There are reports that Labour MPs have been secretly encouraging NZ First to take court action against paying back illegal election spending,” says Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton. “Isn’t it ironic – I gave Labour MPs an opportunity to have the legality of their spending decided in the High Court and they chose to scuttle it by rushing through retrospective legislation to kill the case, the week before they were due in court.”

“Earlier today, Labour Party president Mike Williams suggested that if NZ First’s legal challenge to the Auditor General’s report on election spending was successful then Labour might not repay the money they stole,” Darnton said. “I am pleasantly surprised at the almost instant backpedalling that occurred when it became clear that the public wouldn’t let the issue die.”

“Helen Clark is said to have been infuriated at Williams’ comments. Either she’s discovered the difference between right and wrong or she’s done a quick focus group to see what she can get away with. Well done to the New Zealand public for demanding honesty from their politicians.”


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