Labour Fools No-One With Crocodile Tears

18 May 2010 09:42:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath dismissed Ruth Dyson’s hysterical reaction to the attempts by Mid-Central DHB to control spending, saying that unless the Labour Party was willing to fund, from its own coffers, the services allegedly under threat, it should “shut its pie-hole.”

“Mid-Central are doing what every branch of government needs to do – operate within the budget allocated to it. Boards that refuse to do this should be sacked, and their services privatised forthwith,” said Dr McGrath.

Commenting in the lead-up to Bill English’s taxpayer-funded spending spree, he added: “Government department heads – and cabinet ministers – that fail to live within their means should be made personally liable for any overspending.”

“If Labour were really concerned about addressing proposed cutbacks in Mid-Central’s district nursing services, they would be passing the hat around their own membership to cover the shortfall, and I would be the first to congratulate them.”

Dr McGrath said his party takes the stand that one person’s desire for health care should not constitute a claim on the savings and assets of others. “People need to be pro-active about organizing adequate health cover for themselves and those they care about.”

“The Libertarianz Party promotes individual responsibility and thus a full privatisation of health services. The current DHB structure – behind which politicians hide in order to avoid ultimate accountability – is a bankrupt shambles.”

“By refusing to implement a market system of pricing based on supply and demand for services, the DHB system is doomed to failure, with the same old rationing, waiting lists and avoidable deaths as we have seen all too often in the past.”

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