Labour Promotes Rejected MPs

12 November 2008 09:50:00

Libertarianz deputy leader Richard McGrath today reiterated a major failing of the MMP electoral system, reminding the voters of Otaki and Rotorua that the sitting MPs they tried to boot out last Saturday are not only in through the back door, they are both now in senior positions as the Labour Party Whips.

“Darren Hughes and Steve Chadwick were rejected by their electorates,” said Dr McGrath. “MMP allows them to sneak back in on the party list. Not only this, but Phil Goff actually promotes them.”

“If I had just been dumped as MP by my electorate and crept back into parliament as these two have, I would sit quietly on the back benches for the next three years. Have they no shame?”

Dr McGrath said his party supports a referendum on MMP, but suggested that the method of choosing a government is less important than making sure its powers are constitutionally limited.

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