Leave 35 Seats Empty

05 December 2011 12:17:09

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath wants 35 seats in Parliament left empty to reflect the wishes of the eight hundred thousand people who found something better to do than vote in the 2011 election.

“Only the National Party, on 33.3%, fared better then Did Not Vote, which actually came second in the popularity contest on 30.8%. Labour were a distant third on 18.7%.”

“With the eight hundred thousand non-voters represented by 35 empty seats, the taxpayer would save five million dollars in salary alone, not counting the troughing that MPs indulge in from the moment they set foot inside the doors of Parliament.”

“The Green Party, who want an inquiry into low voter turnout, need only look as far as the disengagement between politicians and the people who pay for their salaries and perks.”

“Effectively, there is no Opposition Party. Whichever major party ends up in government, the policies and overall direction don’t change appreciably.”

“What this country needs is a return to small government, greater freedom and liberal values – the prescription espoused by the ACT Party in its early days, and by the Libertarianz Party throughout its political lifetime.”

“The Libertarianz Party is actively seeking a realignment of freedom-based parties into a cohesive bloc to offer the three quarters of a million voters a credible option in 2014.”