Leave Cellphone Users Alone!

29 October 2008 21:20:00

Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton today declared outrage at calls by the Police to set up a central state register for all cellphone accounts, so they can more easily intercept and capture criminals.

“If phone companies want to sell phones to people anonymously, they should have the right to do so. Nobody who has a pen, typewriter or PC with a printer is required to register, so why should cellphone users?” Darnton said. “The proposed law would make cellphones more closely tracked than rifles and shotguns.”

“What will it take for the public to demand that when politicians take ‘action’ against violent crime, they direct their restrictions toward criminals, rather than law-abiding citizens? The government is failing miserably in its role as a guardian of people’s life and property. These regulations, aimed at the innocent, not the criminal, will help turn New Zealand into a surveillance society.”

“We accept that there should remain a power to acquire a warrant from a District Court judge to intercept communications given evidence of a serious criminal offence, or pending offence. But there should be no carte blanche to snoop on innocent citizens. Libertarianz also believe that if the state focused on law enforcement instead of the distractions of running a railway, regulating showers and patrolling lunchboxes, it could better support the work of the Police and the criminal justice system.”

Libertarianz would call for a thorough review of criminal law including procedures to monitor and intercept communications, so that the right of citizens to not have their privacy interfered with is appropriately balanced against cases where imminent threats to lives and property can be detected and perpetrators apprehended.

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”

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