Legalise Nos!

14 April 2005 15:33:00


Following the banning of the sale and possession of nitrous oxide for recreational use, Libertarianz Deputy and Auckland Central candidate Stephen Berry has pledged Libertarianz party support for the legalisation of recreational nitrous oxide use.

“This is a simple issue of personal sovereignty.” Berry says. “All adults, as the legitimate owners of their lives have the right to ingest whatever it is they please, on the condition they do not violate the rights of others and they take responsibility for their actions.”

“Drug fascist Jim Anderton does not own your life, and nor does the ignorant emotive bunch of whiners in Christchurch who support this ban. It is your life; as long as you are prepared to take responsibility for your actions then their opinions on what you do with your life are absolutely irrelevant.”

The legalisation of recreational nitrous oxide use is just one part of Libertarianz drug liberalisation policy. Stephen Berry says the party advocates the “full legalisation and deregulation of all substances.”

“Prohibition has only served to prove that it perverts all it attempts to achieve. Prohibition makes drug use more dangerous, drugs more accessible to children, and puts control of the drug market and of the quality of drugs into the hands of criminals. This has occurred with every other illegal substance and, unless nitrous oxide retailers can sidestep the new law, it will happen with nos too.”

“For legalised drugs, vote Libertarianz with your party vote and Stephen Berry for Auckland Central.”

Stephen Berry
Libertarianz Deputy Leader
Libertarianz candidate Auckland Central

More Freedom – Less Government