Libertarianz Announces New Weapons In War Against P

02 September 2008 19:00:00

The Libertarianz Party agrees that P (methamphetamine) is a bad drug that nobody should be taking.

“The P problem has caused me many a sleepless night,” says Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman, Dr. Richard Goode. “P is widely known to lead to addiction, psychosis, and violent crime. It ravages communities, exacerbates the gang problem and destroys the aspirations of our young people.”

“That’s why we suggest several major new strategies in the war against P, namely, cheap and legal marijuana, ecstasy and party pills. Cheap, legal and wide availability of these and other safe, effective designer drugs will go a very long way towards steering people away from costly, dangerous P and onto gentler, kinder alternatives.”

“Sadly, Jim Anderton and his Prohibitionist cronies in Labour and National will never agree to anything sensible like this strategy, even though their stated drug policy is ‘Harm Minimisation’.”

“Many people prefer drugs other than alcohol. Where those other drugs are safer than alcohol, it is inconsistent with the principle of Harm Minimisation to subject consumers and producers to criminal sanctions.”

“In line with our Transitional Drug Policy, Libertarianz would make all drugs safer than alcohol legal immediately.”

Vote Libertarianz – Legalise by Lunchtime!


For more information contact:

Dr. Richard Goode
Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman
Phone: 021 340 057
Email: [email protected]

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