Libertarianz Announces Wellington Region Electorate Candidates

24 September 2008 01:01:00

Libertarianz welcomes Helen Clark’s claim that this election will be fought on the issue of “trust”.  Unlike Labour and National, Libertarianz are the only party that trusts New Zealanders to decide what to eat, how to discipline their children, and how to spend their money – in short, Libertarianz trusts people to run their own lives.

We were the only party to challenge Helen Clark in court over her abuse of trust when she “misappropriated” $800,000 worth of taxpayers’ money to fund her 2005 election campaign.  Our successful legal challenge forced Clark to bring in retrospective legislation to avoid answering the charges in the High Court.

The Libertarianz party is proud to present our trustworthy candidates for the Wellington region.

Bernard Darnton – Wellington Central
Libertarianz Party Leader
Phone 021 324 466
Email: [email protected]

Bernard was the man behind the Darnton vs Clark legal battle in relation to Labour’s Pledge Card rort at the previous election.

Mitch Lees – Rongotai
Phone 027 243 1676
Email: [email protected]

Mitch was the mastermind behind the anti Anti-smacking campaign – this was against Sue Bradford’s attack on parents’ rights.

Sean Fitzpatrick – Ohariu
Phone 021 169 9281
Email: [email protected]

Sean is a martial arts instructor and is a staunch advocate of the individual’s right to self-defence.  He is also the producer of many of the videos on

Phil Howison – Hutt South
Phone 027 437 0308
Email [email protected]nz

At the last election Phil was the youngest candidate in New Zealand.  His intention is to one day be the oldest.  He is also the Libertarianz Education spokesman.  His education video appears at

Dr Richard McGrath – Wairarapa
Libertarianz Deputy Leader
Phone 027 322 2907
Email: [email protected]

Richard is a local GP in Masterton and is the Libertarianz spokesman on Health.  Richard believes that everyone should be their own Minister of Health.  His health video appears at


For more information contact:

Colin Cross
Wellington Region Campaign Manager
Phone 027 447 3745
Email:  [email protected]


Bernard Darnton
Libertarianz Party Leader
Phone 021 324 466
Email: [email protected]

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