Libertarianz Asks Nicely, Labour Steals

10 September 2006 12:00:00

Labour “strategist” Pete Hodgson has been wondering out loud how Libertarianz can afford to take their lawsuit against the Labour Party to the High Court.

Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton responds, “We have been running a fundraising campaign since the case was launched in June. I’m very pleased with the response and Labour shouldn’t be worried that we can’t pay our bills. Pete Hodgson is trying to deflect attention from the real question: Where did Labour get the money to pay for their pledge cards? All of our money has come from freely given donations. Labour’s pledge card money was pillaged from the public coffers. That’s the significant point here — Libertarianz asks nicely, Labour steals.”

Hodgson also wonders what any donor’s motives could be. Darnton continues, “To Pete Hodgson, it seems unfathomable that anyone could question the regime of our Dear Leader. The fact is that a lot of people have had a gutsful of this government’s arrogance. We’ve had a gutsful of this government thinking that they’re above the law and we’ve had a gutsful of this government thinking they can buy their way back into power at any cost.

“By deliberately flouting the appropriations process and spending public money where they’re not entitled to, this government has abandoned one of the basic principles of constitutional government. In a democracy, the people elect a Parliament and then Parliament appropriates money for public use. In a dictatorship, the government does whatever it likes to cling to power without regard to the wishes of Parliament or the people. Labour needs to decide which side of this fence it sits on.”


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