Libertarianz Backs Barlow On Gun Ownership

06 April 2009 18:50:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today endorsed comments by fellow Masterton man Hugh Barlow, the brother of convicted double murderer John Barlow.

“Hugh Barlow is right to question any hypothetical link between ownership of firearms and propensity for violence,” said Dr McGrath. “To imply there is a link between the two is an insult to farmers, recreational shooters and gun collectors.”

“Private citizens need to be able to defend themselves with adequate force against criminal aggression,” he added. “In fact, Libertarianz believes self-defence should be adequate grounds in itself for obtaining a gun licence and purchasing firearms.”

“John Barlow’s comments about firearms should not be an impediment to his release from prison, having served his sentence,” said Dr McGrath.

“As for comments from the Parole Board that John Barlow was arrogant, manipulative and controlling, I believe that description would more accurately fit a certain former Prime Minister who is shortly winging her way to the United Nations. It should certainly not be a factor in deciding whether a person who has served his time should be released from incarceration.”

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