Libertarianz Commends Bar Owner’s Stand

15 December 2004 00:00:00

SMOKINGJohn van Buren, owner of Wheatsheaf Tavern in Banks Peninsula, has laid down a challenge to the government over the recently imposed smoking ban. The publican is prepared to go to jail to defend his customers’ rights.

Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry calls van Buren “a bloody champion, and a role model for other publicans.”

“New Zealand needs more people with balls; the courage to stand up against the fascism of this government,” Berry said. “The weakness of the sheeple in this country is exactly what lets the state get away with it’s nannying, interfering tendencies. Even Hitler failed to ban smoking in bars, despite a known dislike of the habit.”

Berry also called for more bar owners to openly defy the smoking ban. “As long as the victims of legislation continue in meek compliance, the state will simply continue to take away their rights.”

Libertarianz advocates the wiping of all smoking laws not related to minors. The party will offer a smoking policy based on the rights of all individuals to exercise ownership over their own lives and property when it contests the 2005 election.


Stephen Berry Libertarianz Deputy 0210375720 [email protected]

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