Libertarianz Conference and 10th Birthday Celebration

11 July 2006 06:56:43

Freedom loving Libertarianz members will gather this weekend in Auckland for their annual conference and AGM. It is also the party’s 10th birthday.

Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton said, “10 years of fighting for our freedom has gone quickly, but with people like Clark and Cullen at the helm, there is still much to do. We must be eternally vigilant. This weekend’s gathering will be a celebration of freedom, yet also a time of organisation, as we see the Labour government threatening New Zealand with high taxes and a disregard for property rights. Other areas of concern include political correctness gone mad and a general overbearing nanny-state attitude.”

The Libertarianz conference is being held at the Auckland Airport Centra Hotel, on Saturday the 15th of July, from 9:30am.

The agenda for the conference includes Bernard Darnton on his court case against Helen Clark, Russell Watkins on his Voluntary City activism in Tauranga, Lindsay Perigo on the history of the party and a debate about Libertarianz immigration policy.

And don’t forget, of course, the birthday cake.


Bernard Darnton
Libertarianz Leader
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